The CALUMET AREA INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION (CAIC), would like to invite your company to formally join our membership. We believe that with your membership we will be able to aggressively work to promote, retain and enhance the industrial business community of the Greater Calumet Area.

We understand that the economy has been slowly recovering from the economic downturn of the last few years and the hyper-competitive environment causes businesses to make hard decisions and cut back or layoff employees. Your membership is an investment into the collective strength of industrial businesses in the Calumet Area.

To date, our membership of over 150 companies has been working hard to meet the competitive challenges that lie in their industries and still make a profit. In addition, they have made the difficult yet proven decision to move their business forward. Our membership covers over 30 SIC Codes and represents over 5,000 employees. Some of our more well known companies include Ford Motor Company, Sherwin Williams Co., and Kellogg’s Snacks but a majority of members have less than 50 employees with annual revenues over $10 million.


Are you looking for professional talent, someone who can hit the ground running, drawing on skills developed in an operations setting? As a service to members, our staff will present professionals we have met who have impressed us with their poise, knowledge and experience. 

For INQUIRIEs about the Member Only Section, PLEASE Contact Beth Dybala at