The City of Chicago has established Industrial growth in the Calumet & Burnside Industrial Corridors.

Industrial Growth Zones

Mayor Emanuel’s Industrial Growth Zones are designed to help prepare vacant or underutilized industrial land for new business development. The program addresses the two primary issues that landowners and developers cite as obstacles to site investment: environmental conditions and often-complex government regulations. Through the program, land owners within the Growth Zone areas have access to new resources that make it faster and easier to prepare their properties for development. Program benefits include:

  • Information gathering for existing site conditions
  • Up to $130,000 in financial assistance for environmental assessments and remediation
  • Free site marketing to developers and companies
  • Streamlined development incentives
  • Expedited permitting, licensing, and inspections
  • Assistance with workforce hiring and training
  • Concierge services that provide a single point of-contact to assist with regulatory issues

The Industrial Growth Zones program is part of the City’s ongoing commitment to strengthen its industrial sector by attracting new businesses and supporting the ones that already call Chicago home

For more information, please contact visit or Beth Dybala at 773-928-6000 ext. 224 or via email