Manufacturing companies need new talent to fill current & future personnel openings and good labor market information to appropriately set wage/salary levels.  The Human Resources Committee, made up of only manufacturing company representatives, is currently working on several projects that will provide assistance and guidance in these key areas:

  • Wage survey – Due to numerous requests from members to see if they are competitive in terms of pay, CAIC’s HR Committee has selected 25 occupations for a regional wage survey. Survey results were made available to CAIC members in the late Summer of 2015.
  • “Grow your own” skilled Industrial mechanical & electrical employees — Apprenticeships are now being developed by a working group of the HR Committee. CAIC is currently working with area community colleges to provide related classroom instruction which will be paid for with public dollars.  The plan is to develop additional apprenticeships in areas such as CNC Machining and Production Technicians/Machine Operators.
  • Assistance with training of your current workforce — CAIC can conduct assessment of training needs, identify excellent trainers (if needed) and provide public dollar subsidies for eligible programs.
  • Exchange information and ideas with other HR professionals — The HR Committee periodically provides informational briefings on topics such “How to Improve Employee Retention and Reduce Turnover”, “How to Improve Attendance”, “Best Practices for Cross-Training”, “Effective Health & Safety Training”, etc., to provide a forum for members to both learn from and contribute to an informational exchange.

If you are a CAIC manufacturing member and are interested in joining this Committee, please contact CAIC at (773) 928-6000 Ex. 231 or email .