There is no charge for this service and no candidate pays to be referred. The program is funded through the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.  The steps that make the program work go like this:

  1. The Employer agrees to take part in the OJT Program.

  2. The Employer then submits a request for hire to CAIC, which includes details about the job to be filled and the basic skills required to fill the position.

  3. CAIC screens potential candidates, ensuring that only the right candidates that meet the minimum requirements for the position, as established by the employer, are referred to the Employer for employment consideration.

  4. CAIC then sends prescreened candidates to the Employer for consideration and screening by the Employer.

  5. Once a suitable candidate is found, the Employer hires the candidate and begins their OJT.

  6. At the end of OJT period, the Employer is reimbursed by CAIC for a portion of the Employee’s salary.