A group of over 10 employer partners are currently participating in the development of an industrial maintenance apprenticeship program that will train workers in skills in industrial maintenance and related activities such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC).  The Apprenticeship will result in a journeyman's card in the respective occupational position.  In February, we held our first meeting of the Calumet Apprenticeship Working Group.  There was lots of enthusiasm for working together and a lot of great ideas came out of the discussion.  The group sponsored a panel discussion with representatives of the German-American Chamber Midwest, and the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, State of Illinois. This event was an opportunity for some of the additional 7-8 companies, who have expressed interest, to participate. Work is also progressing with the Focal Point Company to submit a CNC apprenticeship program for approval by the US Department of Labor's Office of Apprenticeships. CAIC has added experienced staff to assist us to drive these programs, including new business service liaisons and career counseling staff.

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